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Your home is most important to you. All modern homes have automation to some level. But what is appropriate for your house may not be appropriate for someone else’s.

We understand this and keep it in mind while providing you with a home automation solution which is rugged, easy to use and efficient and cost effective.

Our expertise lies in helping you with a customized solution that can work with your lifestyle and budget and grow with your changing needs. A system that is easy to understand and use by your spouse, children and elders.

With our inputs and expertise, you can be assured of seamless business automation for your organisation, in order to improve business operations and therefore grow.

We assure you that we will suggest business automations which are practical, sensible, trouble free and that are great value for money.

As a builder, you want to give your clients the best and at the lowest price.

In most cases, that is not possible.

You will have to compromise either on giving the best or on the price.

Unless of course, if you come to Ascom.

We understand that each building is different, the residents of each building have different expectations and one size does not fit all!

Without an in depth understanding of technology and our over 20 years of expertise in understanding and providing solutions for customer expectations, we assure you of a solution which is top notch and will delight your customers.

Our building automation solutions services, products and technologies optimize life-cycle performance for your buildings to achieve maximum energy efficiency and sustainability without compromising on comfort and life-safety.

We provide investors, planners and technicians with solutions to enable them to make future-proof decisions both for new buildings and for modernisation projects. We help you with intelligent building automation concepts that cater to the current global trends to deal with increasing urbanization, increasing environmental pollution and at the same time manage increasingly scarce energy resources.

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