Frequent Queries

Here are some basic issues faced by the technology users. If the following queries are unresolved then you can contact us on 0223841254 or send a mail to us on to avail of our expertise.


Printer Offline?

  • Unplug and again replug the power cord to the rear of the printer to reconnect.
  • Restart the printer and then make sure it is in a ready state.
  • If a checkmark displays next to Pause Printing then Use Printer Offline, click each item to remove the checkmark.

VPN Underperforming?

There are four types of problems that tend to occur with VPN connections. These include:

  • The VPN connection being rejected.
  • The acceptance of an unauthorized connection.
  • The inability to reach locations that lie beyond the VPN server.
  • The inability to establish a tunnel.

Email over Capacity?

  • Make sure that the email in your mailbox doesn’t exceed your storage capacity by collecting email frequently.
  • Remove unwanted Mails.
  • Increase email quota.

Overwhelmed by Spam?

  • Use commercial SPAM blocking software for your computer.
  • Use the anti-SPAM filter in your current EMail program.

System under a Virus Attack?

  • Use Quick Heal Antivirus For Remove Viruses and prevent from virus attack.

Are you worried about your Data Security?

  • Make sure your business has a good password policy, and never leave plaintext passwords sitting around, either online or in the office.
  • Keep regular backups of the information your business needs, so in case of an incident you can get up and running smoothly.
  • Many businesses rely on encryption to keep data safe.

Internet Misuse?

  • To Stop Internet Misuse, use security system (Firewall).
  • Use filters on the main network

Backup Solutions?

  • backup to an online storage service such as Amazon, iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive is a good backup solution
  • For Local Backup System use NAS with proper backup software like Synology.

How to save License Cost?

  • Contact Us, we will provide you best solution as per your requirement.

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